Wind and waves at Capo Carbonara


Over the millennia, waves and wind have carved the wonderful, varied profile of the coastline around Capo Carbonara – a promontory on the southernmost tip of eastern Sardinia, surrounded by a protected marine area.

Their relentless work has created precious, white beaches and steep cliffs where a number of watchtowers and lighthouses were built to protect the Gulf of Cagliari in the past centuries – including the watchtower of San Luigi on the Serpentara Island and the ones in Porto Giunco, on Isola dei Cavoli and in Capo Boi.

Villasimius, the municipality of which Capo Carbonara is part, is famous for its beautiful sandy shores; periodically, you will see Posidonia oceanica wash up here – a Mediterranean seagrass species that both protects the coast from erosion by dividing sand between the underwater and the above water portion of the beach, and bears testimony to the excellent health of these marine waters.

So let’s dive into the beauty of Capo Carbonara.

Photos via: ©piolo64, ©Luigi Strano, ©Personal Guide

July 6, 2018

Wind and waves at Capo Carbonara

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