War and peace around the Tower in Moravola

The Tower in Moravola was once used as watchtower by Braccio da Montone, born Andrea Fortebracci. The Perugia-born ‘condottiero’ – who was exiled and excommunicated, died of a violent death, and finally was buried in deconsecrated earth in 1424 – spent his whole life between battles and hostility, without rest.

If he could visit the tower today, perhaps he would find it hard to recognize: after he was gone, the structure – at 450 meters above sea level in the Carpini valley, between Gubbio and the Medieval town of Montone, in Umbria – turned into a farm, and then transformed many times before being abandoned.

It was in complete disrepair in 1999, when two architects bought it and decided to renovate it.

The couple applied their extremely modern taste to the ancient tower, using cement, glass and iron to create an exclusive boutique hotel – a refined refuge, offering poolside relax and some wonderful quiet time. A quiet the restless Braccio da Montone would certainly have appreciated.

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January 8, 2014

War and peace around the Tower in Moravola

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