Vitorchiano in the early hours of the day

Vitorchiano, Viterbo

Vitorchiano is an old town in the province of Viterbo, famous for its Trappist convent. The nuns of this particular Order of the Cistercians, founded in France in the 11th century, composed a beautiful hymn titled “In the first light of the day”, which they wake up in the middle of the night to sing during prayer.

Vitorchiano “wakes in the dark”, as the hymn says, “dressed in light and silence”. Light and silence cover the nearby hills like a blanket, every morning, over elms, oak, chestnut and beech trees. Light and silence envelop with their delicate grace the beautiful, irregular, medieval houses, which tell the story of a village that once surrendered to Rome – accepting the great city’s rule after years of conflict against Viterbo.

Dawn is a time for waiting, when the world takes shape, as in the beginning of time itself. People start to wake up and prepare for the day, while the light progresses slowly, gently, allowing us time to think.

A new day begins, in Vitorchiano. And immediately we wish every day could be as beautiful as it is here.

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May 1, 2015

Vitorchiano in the early hours of the day

Vitorchiano (Vt)