Villalago and the reflection of beauty

At some point, a lake formed in front of the Saint Dominic Hermitage in Villalago – adding to the many that had appeared in the history of this beautiful part of Abruzzo, near L’Aquila, called “Valley of the Lakes”.

The water that poured on the plane in 1929, when the dam of a new hydroelectric plant was built, was named after the ancient hermitage. Saint Dominic of Sora lived here in the late 10th century, founding various monasteries and making such an impact with his actions that the local people became deeply devoted to him.

A pretty little church had already been built in a cave near the hermitage when the lake formed. Thus, its façade is reflected in the water, doubling the beauty of the view over the wonders made by nature and man.

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September 27, 2018

Villalago and the reflection of beauty

Villalago (Aq)