Villa Tasca and Wagner’s music

Villa Tasca, Palermo

Villa Tasca in Palermo once welcomed Richard Wagner, who had arrived in the Sicilian city in November 1881; he had read Goethe’s record of his travels in Italy, but most importantly was hoping to cure his rheumatism, which his doctor believed could be relieved by the island’s warm climate.

After spending a few weeks in a hotel that obviously did not please him (to anyone asking him about local crime he replied, “during my stay in Sicily I encountered but one bandit: my hotel keeper”), he moved to the villa in February with his wife, five children, two servants and one teacher – a total of nine people.

During his quiet stay there, he worked on “Parsifal”, which he finished by Christmas that year.

The beautiful Villa Tasca was originally built in the 1500s but is surrounded by a magnificent, Romantic 19th-century park, full of exotic plants, ponds, fountains, a lake, a small temple dedicated to Ceres and various statues. Here, the great composer lived for the first part of 1882, holding a number of concerts – the last one on March 18th, bidding farewell.

Today, Villa Tasca is a wonderful accommodation for days of lavish relaxation.

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February 27, 2017

Villa Tasca and Wagner’s music

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