Villa Spada’s park and the view over Bologna

Villa Spada, Bologna

There is a wonderful garden that offers a view over all of Bologna: it is the park around Villa Spada, a Neoclassical building from the 18th century, at the foot of the city’s hills.

The villa and Italian-style garden were designed by Giovanni Battista Martinetti, an engineer of Swiss origin who was held in high esteem by Napoleon Bonaparte; the French leader indeed entrusted him with renovating entire areas in Bologna.

The prestigious 18th-century Villa Spada – surrounded by a luscious park full of pines, oaks, cypress trees and wild vegetation – is now home to a remarkable permanent exhibition of some 6,000 fabrics from Italy and abroad: the “Vittorio Zironi” Historical and Didactic Museum of Tapestry, where brocades, lampas, damask, taffeta, flags and banners, liturgical paraments, costumes and much more will dazzle you with their beauty.

Photos via: ©liebesknabe, ©Rodriguez, ©Valentina Vassallo, ©Ugeorge

February 15, 2017

Villa Spada’s park and the view over Bologna