Villa Loggio Winery: nature, wine and culture of Tuscany

Villa Loggio Winery and Boutique Hotel, Cortona, Arezzo

Villa Loggio Winery and Boutique Hotel, in Cortona, Arezzo, was built in the 17th century, floating in the wavy hills of the Chiana Valley, which is watched over by a fertile sun that makes it the ideal environment for growing grapes.

Perhaps thanks to the nearby Lake Trasimeno and to the protection of the Apennines, the area enjoys a particular microclimate with a higher average temperature and less rain over the year compared to the rest of Tuscany. This, plus the clay-rich soil, makes Cortona perfect for Cabernet or Syrah.

But it takes more than a fortunate location to make internationally-renowned wines like the ones produced in the fifty hectares of vineyards around Villa Loggio Winery: centuries of traditional Tuscan winemaking and modern technologies merge here with great success, and seem to have found their common home.

It’s a home where you can stay too, thanks to the Villa Loggio Hotel, to enjoy excellent wine, culture, slow food, and a breathtaking view. All in one, wonderful place.

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September 25, 2015

Villa Loggio Winery: nature, wine and culture of Tuscany

Cignano di Cortona (Ar)
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