Villa Garzoni, between Collodi and Pinocchio

Villa Garzoni, Collodi, Pistoia

Carlo Lorenzini is the real name of the man who invented Pinocchio, the most famous literary character in the world. His mother and father first met in Villa Garzoni in Collodi, the place that inspired the brilliant Tuscan writer’s pseudonym.

Domenico Lorenzini was the marquess Ginori’s cook in Florence, and Angiolina Orzali was a helper and seamstress to the marchioness Garzoni in Collodi.

The two ended up working together between the frescoed halls, the imposing staircase decorated with mosaics, the scenic terraces, the greenery arches and mazes, the fountains, the geometric box tree hedges, the statues and the grand villa’s wonderful nymphaeum.

Author Alberto Savinio wrote, “One day, Domenico and Angiolina met in the garden in Collodi, and the cook fired up like a rum omelet.”

“From afar, the grandiose Villa Garzoni – with its gorgeous garden, Baroque-style villa and white paleness – seems to hold on its shoulders all the houses of the old, blackened town” – and those are Carlo Lorenzini’s own words, that is Collodi himself.

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October 2, 2017

Villa Garzoni, between Collodi and Pinocchio

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