Views from Perugia

Perugia – with its city walls and amazing Umbria food – is an wonderful medieval and renaissance city at the heart of Italy. Mainly known today for the sweets produced by local company Perugina, it even dedicates an annual festival to chocolate! At least once in your life, you must visit during the Spring or, if you are a fan of Jazz, in July – to enjoy the Umbria Jazz festival and of course the pleasant weather. Perugia flaunts one of the world’s most ancient universities, founded in 1308 – hence the strong student population. Don’t miss the wonderful overview of the surrounding hills and valleys, which you can admire from the “belvedere” of Porta Marzia!

The city’s narrow streets and brick walls are typical of Umbria and Tuscany, and the warm colors and roof tiles make the whole town incredibly welcoming. One of Perugia’s oldest and most amazing monuments is the Etruscan Well, which has been carefully conserved – as have the other important sights, religious and secular.

Highly recommended as part of a 3-day trip including Lake Trasimeno, Perugia will win you over with the beauty of its landscape.

April 16, 2018