Via Krupp, fragile love

Via Krupp, in Capri, was designed and created out of love. It was the wish of a man who loved the so-called “Pearl of the Gulf of Naples” more than any other place in the world. It is a delicate street, as delicate as beauty itself… as the Roman poet Ovid wrote in his “Ars amatoria”, “beauty is a fragile gift”.

Yet if we believe Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho – who maintains that “the strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility” – then Via Krupp is indestructible.

This sinuous and beautiful path, built by German steel tycoon Friedrich Alfred Krupp in 1902, connects the island’s historical center to the beach of Marina Piccola. It has been damaged more than once by rockfalls, which are a constant threat due to the erosion of Capri’s calcareous rocks. In fact, Via Krupp has been closed to the public more than once. It has always re-opened, because it is a fragile but loved corner of the world that everyone wants to keep alive, despite the instability of the surrounding environment.

It is a wonderful 1,300 meters of a walk facing the Faraglioni, and branches out to various paths leading to sea caves that would otherwise be impossible to reach, such as the Grotta del Castiglione and the Grotta dell’Arsenale.

An instance of beauty, and love, that would be impossible to give up.

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December 15, 2013

Via Krupp, fragile love

Capri (NA)
From Via Matteotti to Via Marina Piccola