Vespa Monthléry, born to run

The story of the Vespa should be told at top speed – running as fast as possible to compete with its eternal rival: the Innocenti Lambretta.

The Vespa Monthléry was born out of antagonism with the Lambretta, which in 1949 set 13 speed records on the Roma-Ostia highway with a special model.

The year after, in April 1950, Piaggio took up the challenge on the racing track in Monthléry, France. The faired bike – designed by Vittorio Casini, and ridden by pilots Mazzoncini, Spadoni and Castiglioni – set 17 new world records in ten hours (and over 1,049 kilometers!).

Pontedera’s green bullet smashed, among others, the speed records over the hundred and five hundred miles, as well as the hour record.

It was obviously born to run.

April 4, 2014