Verona’s “Tocatì” Festival: the unfathomable beauty of fun

Verona, “Tocatì”, Festival internazionale dei Giochi in Strada  - International Street Games Festival

Tocatì”, the international street games festival born in Verona in 2003, is ready to bring fun to the wonderful city in Veneto with its thirteenth edition, on September 17–20.

The event, whose name is local dialect for ‘Tocca a te’, meaning “Now it’s your turn”, is organized by Associazione Giochi Antichi in collaboration with Comune di Verona, and strives to fill streets with the smart, joyful, fleeting fun of games the UNESCO has included in its Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

This year’s edition will focus on traditional games from Catalonia, with representatives of the region demonstrating, among other “specialties”, the famous “Castell” – a human tower up to fifteen meters tall.

The fleeting fun of street games is impossible to grasp, always changing under our eyes: it is “A fascinating, varied, brilliant phenomenon. We try to capture it, but it escapes by constantly changing color and shape. Games merge theory and practice, our outer and inner worlds, individuals and groups, everyday life and our search for a meaning. Perhaps, this is why we are still trying to catch that ‘chameleon’ that escaped us when we thought we had it” (translated from F. Cambi and G. Staccioli, “Il gioco in Occidente. Storia, teorie, pratiche”, Armando Editore, Rome 2007).

The beauty and fun of street games are about to stop in Verona for a few days. You may not be able to “capture” it for good, but it’s a great chance to play.

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September 16, 2015

Verona’s “Tocatì” Festival: the unfathomable beauty of fun

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