Unfortunate lovers at the Bardi Castle

Like all reputable historical fortresses, the Bardi Castle, in Parma, is home to a few ghosts.

To be exact, it is haunted by the spirits of two 15th-century lovers – knight Moroello and young chatelaine Soleste. Two parapsychologists even claim they photographed their shadows with a thermal imager, an instrument that can record images of the thermal variations in a room.

The two lovers could not marry due to insurmountable social class differences, but ended up together in tragic death: she jumped off the fortress’s walls when she thought he had died in a battle; and when he found out about her death, he killed himself as well.

The castle, at the heart of the Ceno Valley, is also known as Landi Castle.

Its presence in the area was recorded since the early 11th century, with new owners renovating and changing the structure over time: in the 10th century, Piacenza’s bishop Everard took refuge here from the Hungarians’ attack; in the second half of the 1300s, the Ghibelline Ubertino Landi, from Piacenza, made it a center of power for his family – who ended up owning the castle for over four hundred years; the Farnese family then took over until the late 1600s; followed, a few decades later, by the Bourbons from Parma.

Castello di Bardi
Bardi (Parma)
Piazza Castello, 1
Tel.: +39 052 5733021

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August 5, 2019