Type lives on at Archivio Tipografico in Valdocco

Archivio Tipografico, Torino, Valdocco, Laboratorio di stampa tipografica - Turin, typographic printing workshop

Archivio Tipografico is located in Valdocco, a district in Turin known for the work of Saint John Bosco in the second half of the 1800s.

The presence of the founder of the Salesian Society in the area led to the development – in Valdocco and later throughout the city – of numerous and relevant enterprises, including printing works that gave the underprivileged youth of the time the opportunity to learn a skill and redeem their human dignity in society.

Founded in 2003, Archivio Tipografico keeps the memory of that period alive by showcasing a wonderful collection of pieces from various Piedmontese presses – including 9 printing machines and 2,000 cases of resin, wood and metal type, some of which belonged to Salesian schools and institutes in Turin in the past.

But Archivio Tipografico is not merely a museum of typography and movable type composition: it strives to keep the tradition of artisanal printing alive, both by safeguarding an ancient cultural heritage and by teaching and practicing early printing techniques.

It is now at the center of amateur and professional networks, workshops, and various graphic design projects – giving rise to a delightful “letterpress revival” in Valdocco and beyond.

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February 13, 2017

Type lives on at Archivio Tipografico in Valdocco