Troia’s Cathedral, between symbols and beauty

La Cattedrale di Troia, in provincia di Foggia

The Troia Cathedral, in the province of Foggia, is a charming musical score of symbols, an encyclopedia of stone where mysterious symmetries and correspondences between representations and numbers can be found.

Placed on the capitals of the bronze portal – made in 1119 by Oderisio from Benevento –anthropomorphic and phytomorphic images symbolize Heaven and Hell.

The amazing rose window on the front façade suggests a crowd of numerological relations between arches and columns – which experts understand relate to the concepts of eternity, death and resurrection, sin, macro- and microcosm, divinity and trinity.

Built between 1093 and 1125, the Troia Cathedral – which is co-cathedral of the Lucera-Troia dioceses and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed into Heaven – is a Romanesque gem showing influences from Pisa’s architecture of the time.

A medieval treasure chest of symbols and beauty.

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June 9, 2016

Troia’s Cathedral, between symbols and beauty

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