Touching beauty with Maria Montessori and Bruno Munari


On 10 November 2019, Ancona’s Mole Vanvitelliana will open “TOCCARE LA BELLEZZA Maria Montessori Bruno Munari”, highlighting the work of the two Italian icons until 8 March 2020.

The exhibition brings Maria Montessori and Bruno Munari together in an original way, with the goal of answering the question, “Can beauty be appreciated by simply touching an object?”. With 2020 marking the 150th anniversary of Montessori’s birth, the event will be a great opportunity to present her pieces tied to sensorial experiences, touch and hands in particular, which she considered the “organ of intelligence”.
In parallel, approximately 100 pieces by Munari will exemplify the famous designer’s long creative journey starting in the 1940s, showcasing his constant attention for multisensory experiences and for the use of different materials in teaching.

Curated by Fabio Fornasari, the exhibition includes interactive rooms and itineraries where visitors can immerse themselves in the two protagonists’ theories, such as the Montessori classroom or the “tactile forest” by Munari. Its different themes – tactile alphabets and narrations, shapes, materials, objects’ skin, manipulating and building – all connect to the overarching common theme of touch, which allows us to see the beauty of things by caressing their essence.

Maria Montessori Bruno Munari
10 November 2019 – 8 March 2020
La Mole Ancona, Sala Vanvitelli
Banchina Giovanni da Chio, 28 – Ancona
Tel.: 071205677 –


Bruno Munari, "Unreadable Book NY1", cover.


Bruno Munari, "Unreadable Book NY1", interior.


Maria Montessori, "Sanded letters, European lowercase cursive".


Maria Montessori, "2D shape toolbox"


Maria Montessori, "Bow-tying frame"


Maria Montessori, "Jigsaw of Italy's Regions".


Bruno Munari, "Concave-convex 1949-2019"


Maria Montessori, "Sanded globe".

Touching beauty with Maria Montessori and Bruno Munari

Banchina Giovanni da Chio 28
Tel.: 071205677