Torre Guaceto: wings in the swamp

Torre Guaceto, Riserva naturale statale - National Natural Reserve

Torre Guaceto is a fantastic natural reserve on the Adriatic coast, between Murgia and Salento, in the province of Brindisi. Recently, it became the setting of a graphic novel titled “Aspettando il vento” (literally “Waiting for the Wind”, with illustrations by Simone Cortesi, copy by Francesco Niccolini and Luigi D’Elia, Beccogiallo, Padua 2014).

The story has three kids – Arturo, Caterina, and Andrea – meet in an enchanted place made of dunes, swamps, rushes and pristine beaches, populated by migratory birds, river nightingales, swallows, herons, water rails and bitterns. They explore nature, weaving imagination and infinite curiosity into a coming-of-age story by images.

One night, Caterina – the expert on migratory birds – lets her imagination take off: “I didn’t think there could be so many. Tens, hundreds of birds that seem to talk to each other, quietly, as if they were getting ready to fall asleep. The canes in the swamp have so many wings. Every once in a while a pair of them moves, flaps, than goes back to sleep. The swamp knows no silence, not even in the dark. Everything here is alive.”

Caterina and her friends suddenly have a crazy urge to fly. Apparently, a very common dream around here.

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June 19, 2015

Torre Guaceto: wings in the swamp

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