Tipografia Bagnoli in Pieve di Cento

Tipografia Bagnoli is a piece of last century’s printing history.

The shop opened its doors in Pieve di Cento, a town in the province of Bologna, in 1920, on the initiative of Augustus Bagnoli.

And of course, it had the simple equipment and machinery that someone starting a great adventure, albeit with trepidation, could afford: hand-operated tools that could create small scale, limited edition material.

Over the decades, the company’s growth and technological development has not clouded its relationship with the past.

Thus, the premises of the printing press – now including a modern graphic design studio – are also a veritable museum, where devices from the early years of the last century and thousands of lead type, stored in drawers and lockers, are permanently on display.

Photos via:
www.arnaldopettazzoni.it www.bagnoli1920.it/Sito_Tipo/Gallleria.html#grid

December 15, 2013

Tipografia Bagnoli in Pieve di Cento

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