The Villino Ruggeri in Pesaro, the splendid legacy of the Belle Époque

Il Villino Ruggeri, a Pesaro

The Villino Ruggeri, in Pesaro, is considered one of the best examples of Art Nouveau in Italy.

Built between 1902 and 1907 by Urbino-born architect Giuseppe Brega for Oreste Ruggeri, a pharmaceutical industrialist, the Villino was “designed to be a global work of art” – as Laura-Ingrid Paolucci defines it in the book she dedicated to the structure (“Il Villino Ruggeri in stile Liberty a Pesaro”, Pesaro 2008).

In a subsequent magazine article, Paolucci has explained that “in the beginning, the Villino had a verdant garden that provided a luxurious frame for the splendid beauty of the building, and was decorated with an artistic wrought iron gazebo and a fountain with lobster-shaped details, similar to the ones under the cornice. Flower beds and pathways completed the garden’s texture.”

Furthermore, Paolucci continued, “the four façades were designed to be different from one another, and were harmonized through dense, stylistically aggregating decorations and, most importantly, a varied naturalistic color palette (not visible today because it was replaced in 1952 with the monochromatic light gray-green).”

As regards the interiors, “the first floor is the best preserved at the moment. Each of the four main rooms still maintains the predominant color and naturalistic motif that originated its name: so you can still admire the horse chestnut room, the wisteria room, the narcissus room, or finally the sunflower room.”

Unfortunately, Paolucci concludes, “ the vicinity to the sea in the absence of other buildings that could provide a ‘barrier’, and the resulting exposure to very strong natural elements, represents a major danger for the Villino’s health. The passion and responsibility shown by the current owners (direct successors of Oreste Ruggeri), however, guarantee this splendid legacy of the Belle Époque in Pesaro will be conserved in the best possible way” (translated from L.-I. Paolucci, “Un classico dello Stile Liberty”, in “Ariminum”, May-June 2010).

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November 25, 2015

The Villino Ruggeri in Pesaro, the splendid legacy of the Belle Époque

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