The Theater of Silence and music

The Latin adage that says “semel in anno licet insanire” – once a year, some craziness is allowed – could apply to singing at Lajatico, less than fifty kilometers from Pisa. Once a year since 2006, in this beautiful spot of the Volterra hinterland, an amphitheater amongst the hills turns into the Teatro del Silenzio (literally, the “theater of silence”).

The initiative is supported by popular tenor Andrea Bocelli, a native of Lajatico. In the three hundred and sixty-four days in which he does not perform here, the amphitheater becomes a lake, and “the world is full of shadows and silence”, to use the words of another illustrious Tuscan, Lorenzo the Magnificent. Nature takes center stage with its wonderful, quiet show.

In that one day a year, however, fantastic music and the mesmerizing set of the amphitheater are under the spotlight, as Bocelli sings with other VIP guests, friends of his in the world of music, for an audience of thousands. An impressive sculpture towers over the stage, and year after year the set has been designed by renowned artists such as Igor Mitoraj, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mario Ceroli, and Hans Peter Ditzler.

Music will be back next year. For now the lake and hills take their turn. For four seasons of magnificent silence.

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April 5, 2018

The Theater of Silence and music

Lajatico (Pi)
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