The surreal, fantastic Jacovitti is on show in Aosta


Opening on 27 October and until 28 April 2019, “Il Mondo di Jacovitti” (“Jacovitti’s World”) celebrates the great Italian comic artist Jacovitti (1923-1997) at the Saint Bénin Center in Aosta. With a career that spanned over sixty years, Jacovitti charmed generation after generation of readers with his unique style, capturing the changes in society and highlighting their contradictions.

Curated by Dino Aloi and Silvia Jacovitti, the event showcases 250 original drawings: cartoons, illustrations, strips and even a few never-seen-before treats. One of them, in the section dedicated to the artist’s early years, is one of his first “panoramic views” – which he created when he was just seventeen years old and is a clear forerunner of the chock-full-of-details cartoons that would become his trademark.

The show is also putting on display six pages from the unpublished story “I Tre Re” (“The Three Kings”), conceived during the Second World War, and a few illustrations from the 1964 “Pinocchio”, which critics consider his best.

At the show, comic enthusiasts will find all the most famous characters “Jac” invented. Amongst the many, the hilarious “Cocco Bill” who amused readers of all ages with his unstoppable comic sparkle, allowing the artist to build a long career on his ability to interpret the point of view of Italian people through bizarre, timeless characters.

The surreal, fantastic Jacovitti is on show in Aosta

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