The Stratos Zero, the real dream car

When he designed the Stratos Zero, a concept car for the 1970 Turin Auto Show, Marcello Gandini was hoping, in his own words, “to create an ‘object’ that may attract the attention of visitors, and especially of people working in the field. All that mattered was to get people talking”.

He obviously reached his goal, with this truly future-forward model. But Bertone – the owner of the company of the same name, who had entrusted Gandini with the project – was not just interested in an outstanding proof of concept. He wanted a car with a real engine, able to start and run.

Thus, the “heart” of an old Lancia Fulvia HF – which Gandini and Bertone had saved from demolition – was placed inside the space-age body of the Stratos Zero.

The following year, Lancia used the awe-inspiring prototype as the first step in developing the Stratos HF, the first mass-produced car to be specifically designed for rally racing.

Finally, in 1988 the Stratos Zero was used in Michael Jackson’s movie, “Moonwalker”: it truly was the perfect car for great dreams.

May 2, 2014