The story of Saint John the Baptist in Urbino

Salimbeni, Urbino, oratorio san Giovanni Battista, affreschi

View of the back and right-side wall

In the Oratory of Saint John the Baptist in Urbino, there is a magnificent cycle of frescoes painted in 1416 by Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni – a masterpiece of late Gothic art, representing the “Crucifixion” (on the back wall, behind the altar) and “Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist” (on the wall on the right).

The left wall is dedicated to the “Madonna of Humility” and to the “Madonna Enthroned with Child”: two paintings that likely predate the frescoes.

The Salimbeni brothers, and Lorenzo in particular (San Severino Marche, 1374 – ca. 1420), were two leading figures of international Gothic art (also known as “late Gothic”, as we have mentioned) in Italy.

In addition to this cycle in Urbino, other important works are attributed to Lorenzo, such as “Saint Catherine’s Mystic Marriage” (a triptych currently kept in San Severino Marche’s Picture Gallery) and a fresco depicting the “Virgin Enthroned between Saint Stephen and Saint Blaise”, now in the Collegiate Church of San Ginesio, in the province of Macerata.

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July 27, 2016

The story of Saint John the Baptist in Urbino

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