The Stair of the Turks

From the Stair of the Turks (in Italian, “Scala dei Turchi”), on the coast of Realmonet, near Porto Empedocle (Ag), you can listen to the sound of colors. You can reach the white cliff on foot, climbing a large, limestone staircase that has formed naturally over the centuries.

In one of his novels, the prolific author Andrea Camilleri has his most famous character, inspector Montalbano, lost in his thoughts in front of the rocky Stair of the Turks.
Montalbano stops in his tracks, mesmerized by the white marl set against the pure blue sky – not a cloud in sight –, the deep green hedges, the last few steps of the staircase plunging into the light blue of the sea, the coastline tinged with strong hues of pink: an excess of colors – like screams – that force the inspector to shut his eyes and cover his ears.

Looking at the sinuous relieves and delicate, rounded profile of this sedimentary rock, it is difficult to think of the fierce, terrible pirates that gave this corner of Sicily its name. Some say that the story of “Turks” looking for shelter along this coast, protected from the wind, is only a legend. But the colors are certainly real, so real you can see and even hear them.

December 11, 2013

The Stair of the Turks

Realmonte (Ag)
Per accedervi, procedere lungo il litorale e inerpicarsi su una salita somigliante a una grande scalinata naturale di pietra calcarea.