The simple elegance of Gagini Social Restaurant

Gagini Social Restaurant (2)

According to some historians, at one point in his career Antonello Gagini – a sculptor from Palermo, who lived between the 15th and 16th century – was able to manage two shops in his hometown: one near the Duomo and one near the harbor, from where his works sailed for various destinations in Sicily and Calabria.

The Renaissance artist – described by Vasari as a “rare sculptor” – could never have imagined this latter workshop, near the famous Palermo market known as Vucciria, would become the Gagini Social Restaurant.

The underprivileged neighborhood has clearly influenced the venue’s concept, making it the first social restaurant in the city, where people from the entire world sit down at the same table and share stories and feelings.

It is a special place where art meets life, and where you’ll enjoy a great mix of simple human relationships and refined, creative cuisine.

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October 19, 2018

The simple elegance of Gagini Social Restaurant

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