The sensuality of Galleria Subalpina

Galleria Subalpina, Torino

Turin-born writer Giuseppe Culicchia believes “the Galleria Subalpina is the sexiest gallery in the city.”

The city is Turin, of course, where architect Pietro Carrera designed this historical shopping gallery – built in 1873 – in perfect eclectic style (a mix of new-Renaissance and new-Baroque).

The Gallery connects Piazza Castello and Via Cesare Battisti at the very heart of the city, and was named after the bank that funded its construction, Banca dell’Industria Subalpina. It was similar to two famous, older galleries in Turin: Galleria Umberto I and Galleria Natta, which has been replaced by Galleria San Federico.

Culicchia revels, “Those sensual green plants. That elegant balcony you have to look at from below […] I love Galleria Subalpina. I try to walk through it anytime I can. Maybe it’s the plants, or the balcony, or the staircases at its two ends, or maybe it’s the shop windows full of colorful books, paintings, chandeliers, carpets, I don’t know. But I would never trade it for any other gallery in the world” (translated from G. Culicchia, “Torino è casa mia”, Laterza, Rome-Bari 2009).

Photos via: ©Dodicivirgolacinque, ©Tsagaan, ©Giordano Bruno, ©Francesco, ©Giancarlo Foto4U, ©Fabio Rava, ©Stella Papini

March 22, 2017

The sensuality of Galleria Subalpina

Piazza Castello - via Cesare Battisti