“The Rule of Dreams” at Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice

For the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice, “May You Live In Interesting Times”, Fondaco dei Tedeschi celebrates Piero Fornasetti’s talent with a site-specific installation by Barnaba Fornasetti – son of the famous painter, decorator and sculptor – and Valeria Manzi.
Custom designed for the 16th-century palazzo on Canal Grande, the installation is titled “The Rule of Dreams” (“La regola del sogno”) and creates an original narration through images, taking up the entire space of the renowned lifestyle department store, from the forth floor to the courtyard and waterfront entrance. On top of everything, the work pays homage to the women’s portraits painted on the building’s façade by Venetian masters like Giorgione and Titian.

The artists composed the installation with a variety of symbols: the beautiful face of Lina Cavalieri, who famously inspired Fornasetti, but also hands hung from the ceiling, dropping ancient coins with the motto “respice finem” (consider the end), which was engraved on the door of the office where the Visdomini – who managed Fondaco for the Venetian Republic – worked.

Groups of mocking monkeys fill the space, echoing the 1670 marble plaque that recalled a law of the time about the activities allowed in the building: “no obscenities or insults, no gaming, uproar or brawling. Otherwise, do business as you will”.

Fondaco Dei Tedeschi By DFS
“The Rule of Dreams”
8 May – 24 November 2019
+39 041 3142 000
Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Photos via:
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May 16, 2019