The Remo Brindisi House Museum and an artist’s dream

La Casa Museo Remo Brindisi, a Lido di Spina (Ferrara)

The House Museum dedicated to painter Remo Brindisi (1918-1996) in Lido di Spina (Ferrara), “is a stone’s throw from the sea, cheek to cheek with the pine forest, deep in sleep… But, beware, it is a rather unusual holiday home. Firstly, because it is owned by none other than Remo Brindisi. And secondly, because this bold building – whether you call it villa, temple, or museum – guards one of the most extensive and most original painting, sculpture, ceramics, and graphic work collections in Europe.”

These are the words poet Giulio Ghirardi used a few years ago to describe the house that the Roman artist built in Lidi di Comacchio, between 1971 and 1973, with advice from architect Nanda Vigo.

Remo Brindisi – whose works have gained international recognition and have been showcased in a number of exhibitions all around the world – completed his artistic education in Rome and Urbino. He belonged to the intellectual circles in Florence (Caffè Giubbe Rosse) and lived in Milan, Paris and Venice.

Here is what he once replied to someone who had asked him to present himself: “Explain my world, my artistic soul? It’s not easy, nor for me nor for critics… You see, we all have a dream we carry with us. Managing that dream is very difficult. Most of the times the dream is sacrificed and frustrated. That is how hard it is to explain. We artists paint something we don’t want, that we cannot touch. We just need a glimpse of it… of the invisible presence that snakes around.”

Now let’s enter Remo Brindisi’s dream.

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September 15, 2016

The Remo Brindisi House Museum and an artist’s dream

Lido di Spina, Comacchio (Ferrara)
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