The Ravine of Gorropu, when reality surpasses the imagination

Sardegna, Gola di Gorropu

According to legend, the deep Ravine of Gorropu, part of Supramonte, Sardinia, is not the exclusive domain of foxes, dormice, wildcats, mouflon, martens, and boars… Some swear they have seen scary creatures prowl at the bottom of the canyon – creatures that sound very similar to the North European trolls known to kidnap men and animals in the dark of the night.

Others say the dark heart of this incredible gash in the rock, 500-meters deep in the Earth, is where terrible negotiations take place between damned souls and Lucifer himself.

Others yet are convinced that, at certain times of the year, you can see the stars in full daylight from the bottom of the ravine.

All of these are legends and myths, of course. The truth is that the rare beauty of the millenary erosion caused by Rio Flumineddu is as bewildering as any imaginary wonderland could ever be.

It is a marvel that offers exceptional naturalistic experiences… whether you believe in folk stories or not! Let reality take over and experience the phenomenal speed of the wind blowing between the walls of the canyon, or feast your eyes on the countless rare vegetable and animal species that thrive in this special habitat.

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February 4, 2015

The Ravine of Gorropu, when reality surpasses the imagination

Urzulei (Og)
Strada Statale 125, km 183