The main office of the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation is in Catania’s Palazzo Valle, a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque that was built in the first half of the 1700s by Palermitan architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini.

In front of the building’s façade – which flaunts wavelike lines and elegant balconies, surmounted by the heraldic bearings of the Valle-Gravina family – Federico De Roberto’s “The Viceroys” comes to mind: in the beginning of this beautiful novel, a man stands in front of the gates of a high-class city house “dandling his baby, showing it the marble coat-of-arms on top of the arch, the arms-rack nailed to the vestibule wall”.

The inner courtyard and the second and third floor of Palazzo Valle accommodate the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation, which has been organizing exhibitions, congresses, educational activities and workshops about art – ancient, modern and contemporary – since 2004.

The exhibition space consists of twelve rooms on the main floor and six on the third floor. Even before accessing, however, two works in the lobby, by Giovanni Anselmo and Jannis Kounellis, clearly signal how the history of Palazzo Valle and the new story that is being told inside it overlap.

Soon you will discover yourself curious and charmed, like the baby in “The Viceroys” in front of an amazing palace.

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December 10, 2013


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