The Ponale Road – work and beauty

Strada del Ponale, fra la Valle di Ledro e Riva del Garda - Ponale Road, between Ledro Valley and Riva del Garda

In 1920, Gabriele D’Annunzio celebrated with high-sounding rhetoric the heroic efforts of the men who had built the Ponale Road (or Strada del Ponale) in 1851.

The Italian poet spoke directly to his “brothers in Riva, beyond the Sarca, and beyond the Ponale” who had connected the Ledro Valley and Lake Garda, claiming, “Workers of your kind never lie down, never rest, until the nick in the cliff is a furrow, and the furrow a trench, and the trench a trail, and the trail the Ponale Road, open to men and animals, wagons and loads, at the disposal of will and impulse, youth and the future.”

The 33-kilometer-long endeavor was sparked by a merchant from Trentino, Giacomo Cis, to put an end to the terrible isolation of the Ledro Valley and meet the urgent, widespread need for a road from Riva del Garda to the rest of Trentino.

Spectacular views over Lake Garda, countless natural wonders, galleries dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and emplacements from the First World War: you will find all of this, and much more, along this road – completely closed off to cars and dedicated entirely to people and bicycles since 2004.

Photos via: ©, ©ralph melish

November 11, 2016

The Ponale Road – work and beauty

From Riva del Garda (Trento) to Molina di Ledro (Trento)