The Palio of the Donkeys in Torrita di Siena

The Palio of the Donkeys (Palio dei Somari) in Torrita di Siena will be held next Sunday, March 19th 2017. Inaugurated in 1966 to celebrate the woodworking tradition that was so active in the medieval village at the time, it celebrated its first half century last year.

However, it was exactly fifty years ago, in 1967, that the eight “contrade” of the Tuscan municipality in the province of Siena competed for the first time with nothing but jockeys and donkeys, in this peculiar Palio dedicated to Saint Joseph, patron of woodworkers.

The town always begins preparing for the event with a weeklong program of activities: this year, its stated on Saturday the 11th with photo exhibitions, fairs and tastings at many local taverns. Saturday the 18th Flag throwers and Tambourines will engage in breathtaking challenges… all leading to the great finale the next day: the race held at the “Piazzale Gioco del Pallone” outside the city walls

A must-see for anyone in the area!

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March 13, 2017

The Palio of the Donkeys in Torrita di Siena

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