The mysteries of the Piacenza Cathedral on show

Look, enjoy and learn with “Mysteries of the Cathedral. Wonders in the labyrinth of knowledge”, which opens in Piacenza on April 7th 2018. The project is promoted by the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio, just one year after the great success of its “Guercino in Piacenza”, which we highlighted at the time.

What is “Mysteries” about? It’s an itinerary across the “secret corners” of the Duomo, the Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Maria Assunta and Saint Giustina that is this Emilia city’s cathedral, known for the beautiful frescoes by Guercino on its dome.

The project is also an opportunity to present the new setup of the Duomo Museum, and to showcase some of the wonders on display there: illuminated codes from the Middle Ages, antique books, sculptures, decorations and altarpieces. Not to mention the beautiful works of art inside the sacred building itself, such as the splendid polyptych above the altar, the wooden choir and the vault ceilings – which you have the chance to see from up close.

The final part of the tour rises even higher, and is dedicated to the “Book of the Master”, also known as “Code 65”: a manuscript of 541 pages bound in wood and leather. The book is in fact an original 12th-century catalog, a comprehensive treatise covering the Middle Ages’ vision of the world, including information about liturgy and tradition, musical scores and details about sacred representations, notions of agronomy, astronomy, astrology, marketable goods and medicine.

In presenting the exhibition, Monsignor Gianni Ambrosio, bishop of the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio, said, “The experience of beauty as it appears in the great expressions of Christian art – and especially the Romanesque architecture of the building and the many Renaissance frescoes that decorate it – is an infinite heritage of faith and tradition that we must rediscover and learn to communicate to the contemporary man. It is an evocative ‘way’ (‘via pulchritudinis’) to know the divine mystery.”

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The mysteries of the Piacenza Cathedral on show

From April 7th to July 7th 2018, Via Prevostura, 7
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