The Motom Delfino, a scooter for the Bar Sport

Motom Delfino

The Motom Delfino was presented at Milan’s Motor Show in 1950 as an agile means of transportation that could fall between a scooter and a motorcycle, offering the best of both worlds. It was manufactured from 1952 to 1957, when the competition from Vespa and Lambretta became unbearable.

In the hilarious novel “Il bar sotto il mare” (“The Bar under the Sea”) by Stefano Benni (Mondadori, Milan 1976), an old Motom makes a fantastic appearance:

“The Bar Sport sign was very beautiful, and the bar’s owner, Antonio aka Onassis, had paid sixty thousand lire for it, in the distant past of 1965. It had been installed on a Monday.”

“The day before, the electrician had gone to see Bologna play in Florence on his Motom. He had encountered a vicious snowstorm on the ramps of Pian del Voglio. After a few kilometers, both his arms had stiffened due to the cold. Refusing to give up, he went on, tackling each curve only with the weight of his head.”

“Having a very big and well balanced head, he got to kilometer 86 quite well. But then he hit his head on the wall in a tunnel, and fell off the viaduct.”

“He listened to the game on his radio, inside the hollow of an oak tree, and then called the fire department for help. On Monday, however, he had a bad migraine and a fever of 102, so his son Amos came to install the sign in his place. Amos was known as Corky, because his head was even bigger – and lighter – than his father’s.”

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December 10, 2015