The Matera Balloon Festival, up in the sky above the Sassi

Matera Balloon Festival

The Matera Balloon Festival will take off on October 8th and fly over the Sassi of the beautiful city in Basilicata until the 11th.

Twenty teams from all around Europe are getting ready to bring to life a new edition of this international festival, which started in 2013 and is a unique opportunity to look up at the sky from a place that makes you feel like you already are up there.

Since time immemorial, writers and travelers who reached the Sassi were impressed “by the fact that they saw ‘churches sitting on top of houses, as if the latter were hanging from them’ […]. ‘Night lights’ make them ‘look like a starry, inclined sky’ (as Giovan Battista Pacichelli described Matera in 1703, in his ‘Regno di Napoli in prospettiva’).”

“The ‘sky under your feet’ phenomenon was a show locals have enjoyed for a long time; in the late 1500s, Bologna-born Leandro Alberti described it with joyful amusement: by order of the city’s rulers, ‘the crier demanded that every family [living in the Sassi], after sunset, place a light in front of their home. So […] it seemed to those in the third part of the city on the hill that they had the starry sky under their feet’”(translated from F. Abbate, “Storia dell’arte nell’Italia meridionale: Il Sud angioino e aragonese”, Donzelli, Rome 1998).

Come enjoy the show.

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October 6, 2015

The Matera Balloon Festival, up in the sky above the Sassi