The Macchi-Castoldi M-C 72

To beat the Brits: that is one of the reasons why the Macchi-Castoldi M-C 72 was built. To win the Schneider Trophy, the historical hydroplane competition first announced in 1911, in which Italy had had its fair share of triumphs until 1927, when the United Kingdom had started an uninterrupted winning streak. Fascist Italy felt it had to change that.

Unfortunately, however, the seaplane was not ready by September 1931, when the race was held, and the trophy remained a dream.

But the Macchi-Castoldi – with its nine-and-a-half-meter wingspan and three tonnes of weight – had its moment of glory in 1934, when it set the world speed record at 709.209 km/h, which still stands today in the propeller-driven seaplane category.

Unsurpassed beauty, at top speed.

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December 13, 2013