The Lorenz Static, the Compasso d’Oro clock

Orologio Static, Lorenz, Richard Sapper, 1959

The Static clock made by Lorenz in 1959 was created by designer Richard Sapper (1932).

The original model of this table clock – which had a balance wheel and brass body, as well as a date window that was later removed from production – delivered Sapper the 1960 Compasso d’Oro, opening the door to a number of awards in the following years. The jury, which included Vico Magistretti and Marco Zanuso, praised the Static for “the simplicity and rigor of the project, from shape to material, to the object’s congeniality and cultured lettering.”

Claudia Neumann has said that, “Born in Germany and relocated to Milan, Sapper is an industrial designer from head to toe. He has made crucial contributions to the history of Italian design for forty years. He has designed anything: from furniture to clocks, from faucets to coffee makers to means of public transportation. He sees design as a ‘problem solving’ process, and wants to ‘give shape a meaning’” (“Design Italia”, Rizzoli, Milan 1999).

Photos: Rita Valente

Collector: Davide Guglielmino

August 27, 2015