The “La Posta Vecchia” Hotel

The “La Posta Vecchia” Hotel (literally “Old Post Office” Hotel) hides some splendid treasures. Its foundations bear on an ancient Roman villa, with mosaic floors, walls covered in African and Greek marble, amphorae and vases. Wonders you can have all around you as you enjoy a candle-lit dinner during your stay.

The American billionaire Paul Getty discovered the 2nd-century BC, underground villa in the 1960s, after purchasing the 17th-century main structure of the Hotel – an annex of the Orsini Castle – to make it his seaside retreat. Little did he know that the area used to be an ancient Roman harbor, Asium, until he found this treasure during the renovation.

Today the “Posta Vecchia” is a luxury five-star hotel. Its rooms and halls are decorated with furniture from the 15th and 17th centuries, in part selected by the great art critic Federico Zeri.

You can count among the hotel’s treasures also a park, with Mediterranean and exotic plants. And the sea, ready to be discovered from the ample terrace.


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December 12, 2013

The “La Posta Vecchia” Hotel

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