The Iso Isetta

When the Iso Isetta was presented at Turin’s 1953 Auto Show (Salone dell’automobile), it caused a great commotion. The egg-shaped object, looking more like the cabin of a helicopter than a car, had a single front door that took up almost the entire front of the vehicle. It seemed to come from the future.

And indeed, its designers had created it thinking of the future. In the face of the post-war economic difficulties that saddled the country, Renzo Rivolta had started to manufacture motorcycles in his company, the Iso, already in the mid-1940s.

He then asked Ermenegildo Preti and Pierluigi Raggi to come up with ​​a mini car that would be easy to use, small and comfortable.

The result was the Isetta. And while it never met Rivolta’s expectations for success (likely because, despite the initial plan, it ended up being rather pricey), it remains to this day the embodiment of an ingenious and futuristic concept.

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December 15, 2013