The Iso Grifo A3C and Giotto Bizzarrini’s challenge against himself

Iso Grifo A3C Stradale del 1965

Giotto Bizzarrini, born in Livorno, was the great engineer and designer who created the Iso Grifo A3C in 1964. His main goal was to challenge the Ferrari 250 GTO, which at the time dominated the tracks in Europe – and which he had designed in the early 1960s, just before leaving Maranello due to harsh disagreements with Enzo Ferrari.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Bizzarrini and the top managers at Iso Rivolta, the carmaker he went to work for, would prove fragile as well, exactly because of the Iso Grifo A3C. Apparently, the powerful sport car he designed for the greatest international competitions was not a top strategic priority for the Genoa-based company.

The challenge was too important to Bizzarrini, probably because it was a challenge against himself. That was why he decided to start his own company, and founded Prototipi Bizzarrini in 1964 to make the beautiful car on his own.

Here is a splendid 1965 model, the “Stradale”.

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March 26, 2015