The infinite petals of the Spello Infiorate

Infiorate di Spello, Corpus Domini

Every year on Corpus Domini, the streets of Spello fill with hundreds of millions of colorful petals, composing splendid “paintings” and “carpets” inspired by religious themes in the Christian tradition. The medieval village at the foot of Mount Subasio, in the province of Perugia, Umbria, is taken over by the lovely scent of Infiorate of Spello, scheduled this year for Saturday June 17th and Sunday June 18th.

Once again illustrators, “infioratori” and citizens passionate about this almost bicentennial folk tradition will amaze us with their vegetable masterpieces, using fresh and dry flowers, leaves, berries, herbs and forest essences picked a few months in advance, to celebrate the Corpus Domini led in procession by the local bishop on Sunday morning.

It’s a huge festival of colors and beauty – a must see for anyone visiting the area before summer begins!

Photos via: ©laura&stefano, ©Lindsay Buckley

June 9, 2017

The infinite petals of the Spello Infiorate

Spello (Perugia)
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