The illustrators’ raincoat

Giorgio Muggiani per Pirelli

Giorgio Muggiani for Pirelli

How would you advertise a raincoat?

The romantic Giorgio Muggiani imagined the dark silhouette of a woman against the sunset, somewhere between Segantini and Caspar David Friedrich.

The visionary Bob Noorda transformed headlines into stripes of rain, falling on an oblivious couple.

The theatrical Leopoldo Metlicovitz set up a whole choreography, with a joyful group of people walking under the macho claim, “A chi la pioggia… A noi!” (“For those who tell the rain… ‘Come and get me!’”) – which some say was an implicit joke on the Fascist regime’s toughness.

The mysterious Mario Puppo played with De Chirico, capturing one of the painter’s mannequins wearing a white raincoat in the grayness of a metaphysical square.

Many more artists, illustrators, and designers tried to answer our question coming up with new, memorable solutions: Marcello Dudovich, Bruno Munari, Gino Boccasile, Paolo Garretto, Federico Seneca…

A parade nobody would want to rain on.

November 21, 2014