The Hat Museum in Montappone and fickle fashion

Museo del Cappello di Montappone, Fermo, Marche - Hat Museum

The Hat Museum in Montappone displays different examples of feluca, straw hat, cylinder, broad-brimmed pamela, fez… as well as the last hat Federico Fellini wore.

And the location is not just a coincidence. A newspaper from the 1860 mentioned this town in Marche “practices the art of weaving straw into hats since time immemorial, spreading the craft even to some nearby locations. Except for very few families and for children under five or six years of age, everybody here – men, women, and youngsters – work hard to make over three hundred thousand hats a year…”

According to the same article, straw was brought to the local women who could “take care of sewing braids, overlapping or matching one end with the other, so skillfully that the stitches become invisible; then, using wooden shapes, they give hats the shape required by fickle fashion…” (V. Vitali Brancadoro, “Notizie storiche e statistiche di Montappone nella provincia di Fermo”, Paccasassi, Fermo 1860).

Now this beautiful tradition of craftsmanship continues to tell its story in the Hat Museum in Montappone.

August 27, 2015

The Hat Museum in Montappone and fickle fashion

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