The Guttuso Museum in Bagheria reopens

Museo Guttuso di Bagheria, Palermo

The Guttuso Museum in Bagheria was closed for a few months for reasons of fire safety but has recently reopened to the public.

Opened in 1973 and located in Villa Cattolica – a complex from the first half of the 18th century –, the museum is home to over 100 drawings and paintings created by the Sicilian artist between 1924 and 1986, and just as many works from his amazing private collection, including sculptures and paintings by a number of 20th-century masters.

Guttuso felt strong ties to his hometown. His work clearly reflects this visceral relationship, as art critic and historian Cesare Brandi noted:

“Guttuso is a lot more Bagheria than you might think. I saw him put up a show in Villa Palagonia: I saw the dense lemon trees, with leaves like felt, and those must be the new ‘verdures’ that Guttuso painted in a fortunate year […]. And those colors that look like screams, and belong to Bagheria’s sky at sunset, behind Mount Pellegrino, are taken from the earth – when it’s redder than red clay tennis courts – and from the dense, austere, huge shadows cast by clouds on the mountains, which are naked and revealed, in the nakedness of their stone, as ancient bones of the Earth” (translated from C. Brandi, “Scritti d’arte”, Bompiani, Milan 2013).

The museum also features an extensive section dedicated to cinema posters and a space dedicated to masters of Sicilian cart painters, whom Guttuso admired greatly.

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June 29, 2017

The Guttuso Museum in Bagheria reopens

Bagheria (Palermo)
Via Rammacca, 9 (Strada Statale 113)