The green glory of the La Cutura Botanical Garden

Il giardino botanico La Cutura, nel comune di Giuggianello (Lecce) - botanical garden

The La Cutura Botanical Garden, in Giuggianello (Lecce), showcases an amazing variety of plant species.

There are agaves and cacti in the Secret Garden; over 500 types of succulents and tropical plants in the Greenhouse; land plants in the Mediterranean Garden (mastic trees, buckthorn, laurel, myrtle, strawberry trees, brooms, cysts, juniper, sage, rosemary, heather…); water plants in the Pond (lotus flowers, water lilies, marsh, floating and oxygenating plants…); some one hundred varieties of roses in the Rose Garden; and 18th-century oaks in the Holm Forest…

The garden was created from a 19th-century country estate, which was renowned in the area for its pine forests and olive groves, by Salvatore Cezzi – a banker with a passion for tropical plants. In the 1950s, he had the gardens expanded to welcome the large number of species he collected from his travels.

Now his children have taken over the garden, continuing his efforts to grow beauty – in all of its green glory.

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September 26, 2016

The green glory of the La Cutura Botanical Garden

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