The Galbusera Bianca Oasis

In contrast with the ‘bianca’ (“white”) in its name, the first news about Galbusera Bianca ever recorded is from 1348, when the Black Death pandemic peaked in Europe, killing millions in all of Europe. Meanwhile, life flourished in this oasis, white and pure.

The agricultural core of the Galbusera Bianca Oasis – twenty hectares of terraced hills, cultivated with vineyards and orchards – is about twenty kilometers north of Milan, in the heart of the Montevecchia Regional Park and the Curone Valley, protected by the European Community for its environmental values.

Here, a short distance from the city – among the forests of black alders, the maples and chestnuts, the orchids and mosses, where the current of limestone springs shapes travertine rocks, under the darting flights of marsh tits and kingfishers – you can eat and stay at the Locanda “Bio”.
And enjoy the oasis where nature contains, like white, all the colors of life.

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December 12, 2013

The Galbusera Bianca Oasis

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