The Forgotten Fruits Festival and Kiarostami’s mulberry fruits

La Festa dei Frutti dimenticati di Casola Valsenio, Ravenna - The Forgotten Fruit Festival

The 25th edition of the Forgotten Fruits Festival will be held this year in Casola Valsenio, Emilia Romagna, on October 10th to 18th.

During the event, you can taste extraordinary dishes prepared by starred chefs Piergiorgio Parini and Gian Paolo Raschi, but also sample some fall season specialties, go trekking or mountain biking, see street performances, listen to music, and visit the beauties nature and art have to offer in the area.

Most importantly, of course, the festival is your chance to discover uncommon fruits that represent a past and tradition that have been saved from extinction.

One of them is the mulberry fruit – which itself saved a life in Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s “Taste of Cherry”: It was just after I got married. We had all kinds of troubles. I was so fed up with it that I decided to end it all. One morning, before dawn I put a rope in my car. My mind was made up, I wanted to kill myself. […] I threw the rope over a tree but it didn’t catch hold I tried once, twice but to no avail So then I climbed the tree and tied the rope on tight Then I felt something soft under my hand. Mulberries Deliciously sweet mulberries I ate one. It was succulent, then a second and third. […] Suddenly, I noticed that the sun was rising over the mountaintop What sun, what scenery, what greenery! All of a sudden, I heard children heading off to school They stopped to look at me They asked me to shake the tree The mulberries fell and they ate I felt happy Then I gathered some mulberries to take them home My wife was still sleeping When she woke up, she ate mulberries as well And she enjoyed them too I had left to kill myself and I came back with mulberries.

©Marcello Seri, ©Turismo Emilia Romagna

October 8, 2015

The Forgotten Fruits Festival and Kiarostami’s mulberry fruits

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