The Fondazione Feltrinelli Porta Volta

The headquarters of the Fondazione Feltrinelli Porta Volta, inaugurated in December 2016 in Milan, are the first project in Italy to have been completed by architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, founded in Basil in 1978 and currently globally present with offices in Hamburg, London, Madrid and New York.

The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation was established in 1949 by the founder of the publishing house of the same name, with the goal of collecting documents and carrying out research in the fields of history, economics, social studies and political science.

The institution now owns and makes available to the public a rich archive and library, including some 200,000 volumes, 20,000 photographs, 1.5 million archive papers and 16,000 periodicals. Since 1958 it has also published its “Annali”, selecting and putting together sources that can help readers focus on and learn more about specific topics or moments in Italy’s social history.

The new headquarters of the Fondazione Feltrinelli Porta Volta were built in the center of the Lombard capital, and are named after the Door put in the Spanish Walls of the city in 1880. They are inspired by the simplicity of Milan’s traditional architecture, and have adapted to the borders of their area while renovating the urban environment with bike paths, boulevards, restaurants, stores and cafés.

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January 4, 2017

The Fondazione Feltrinelli Porta Volta