The Enzo Pazzagli Park makes art smile

Parco d'Arte Enrico Pazzagli, Firenze - Enrico Pazzagli Art Park, Florence

Journalist Dario Di Gravio once commented in an article of his on Tuscan artist Enzo Pazzagli’s “limitless imagination”. Indeed, Pazzagli’s talent is barely contained in the almost 24,000 square meters of the Florence Art Park home to 200 of his works.

Pazzagli’s eclecticism is evident in the long series of pieces he has created since the 1960s, but also in his inventions – an integral part of his artistic experience in the 1950s, when he patented diverse devices such as a fabric holding structure, a sound machine that aids sleep, and even an international language composed of numbers.

His biography is dense of shows and awards, as well as important pieces such as his 1983 steel “Pegagus”, the official symbol of Regione Toscana.

The Enzo Pazzagli Park is a work of art of its own: from high above, it shows a smiling face made up of 300 cypress tress.

Photos via: ©Jenna Millemaci©Diana Di Nuzzo, ©Massimo Nardi

November 29, 2016

The Enzo Pazzagli Park makes art smile

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