“The Elegance of Modernity”: Richard Ginori ceramics by Gio Ponti, on exhibit in Turin

Gio Ponti e la Richard Ginori. L'eleganza della modernità

“Donatella on ropes” vase, 1927 (decor), hand-painted maiolica, ©Associazione Amici di Doccia/Arrigo Coppitz

Gio Ponti and Richard Ginori will be on exhibit in Turin until February 29th, in the beautiful Palazzo Madama. The Atelier Space inside the Civic Museum located inside the famous building in the central Piazza Castello will showcase seventy-three specimens of china and majolicas created by the great Milanese artist between 1923 and 1933, for the company founded by marquis Carlo Ginori in the 18th century in Sesto Fiorentino.

There is more: “Elegance in modernity” – the fitting name of the exhibition – is also demonstrated by a wide selection of drawings and letters belonging to Gio Ponti, who was Richard Ginori’s artistic director in the 1920s and took care of all design aspects for the brand, completely overhauling the production range and preparing it for serial manufacturing.

According to architecture historian Paolo Portoghesi, “despite how prestigious the public considered his work, and the crucial influence Gio Ponti had on Italian taste for almost half a century, his artistic profile is one of the least explored and appreciated by critics.”

“Presenting the ceramic works Richard Ginori manufactured in the 1920s, therefore, is not just a way to introduce a chapter in the pre-history of Italian design, but also an invitation to give a new interpretation of Ponti’s work, after realizing the exceptional levels he started from” (translated from P. Portoghesi, “Architettura e memoria”, Gangemi, Rome 2006).

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January 19, 2016

“The Elegance of Modernity”: Richard Ginori ceramics by Gio Ponti, on exhibit in Turin

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